„Germany’s latest Heavy Metal/Hard Rock prodigy The Night Eternal cloaks 70s and 80s guitar-driven sounds in their very own sinister guise. Established in 2019, the five-piece quickly released their first EP and were signed with Ván Records shortly thereafter, where they released their first single “Shadow’s Servants”. The highly anticipated first full length “Moonlit Cross” (November 2021) did not only hit the marks with their die-hard underground fanbase, but was also ranked top by relevant Metal magazines such as Deaf Forever (#1 Soundcheck, #1 Newcomer), Metal Hammer (#2) and Rock Hard (#3). After that, it wasn’t long before German booking agency WE-Live Agency included The Night Eternal in their infamous roster alongside Benediction , Sodom, Overkill and more. The Night Eternal impresses on record as well as live on stage with their virtuous, precise but forceful performance across all five musicians. Fans of In Solitude, Tribulation, The Devil’s Blood or Judas Priest will buzz about the exceptional riffs and catchy melodies which conflate to a band that honors, but never imitates their 80s paragons. The combo’s ferocious new tracks are not only to blast away upcoming shows and festivals across Europe – they teamed up with Ván Records again to release their second full-length album FATALE on July 14th. With even more catchy melodies and distinctive riffs, The Night Eternal have finally found their own unique sinister style of Heavy Metal. “

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