Surface was founded in the beginning 2010 by Tom Robinson and Marco Bechreiner, inspired by Greek mythology and driven by sheer energy and force. Shortly after forming Surface, Timo Petersen and Jason Coffi joined. And thus began their journey towards conquering the stages which was accompanied by a change of members. Timo left the band and was replaced in 2015 by Tim Broscheit on bass. After the departure of Jason in late 2017, Johnny Ritter joined as the new lead guitar. Their style is characterized by Thrash and Death Metal paired with Hardcore and Modern Metal. In 2012 Surface releaser their debut album “Where The Gods Devide” and in 2015 came “Riese Of Kronos”. In 2019 the band will release their third album via Reaper Entertainment Europe. During that period Surface played more than 150 shows, sharing a stage with bands in the likes of Kreator, Megadeth, Powerwolf, Hämatom and many more as well as on events such as open air festivals, local and international shows.