SAXORIOR was founded in January 1994 by Matthias Eschrich (vocals, guitars), Kai-Uwe Schneider (vocals, guitars),Dirk David (drums) and Uwe Vogt (bass). The name stands for Saxon Warrior.
In June 1994, Matthias and Kai-Uwe, former members of the renowned East German band "Titan", produced the first demo tape, entitled The First Fight.
In the same year, Timo Pfeifer from Corpsess replaced Dirk David on the drum chair.

Since 2008 we were supported live by Andy from NOISEMASTER on the drums and Tom from SCRAPY on the bass.
The first show with this particular line-up was played at Interregnum Festival in Gnoien on 05.08.2008 and went pretty good. So, since that day, the line-up is complete again and duly to the band’s fifteen year anniversary strengthened with new “metallic” energy!

1994 The First Fight (demo tape)
1995 Return From The Dark Side (CD)
1996 Beyond Conceptions (MCD)
1999 Portent Of Eternity (CD)
2000 Saxot (CD)
2002 Von Rache und Schmerz (LP)
2003 Neverending Battles (CD)
2007 Völkerschlacht (CD)
2009 Völkerschlacht (LP)