HEAVY METAL with THRASHMETAL influences, angry vocals and melodic hooklines. This mixture describes ODIUM from Frankfurt / Main.

Founded in 1993, the group published regularly 9 albums, with which the metalheads have developed their style from work to work.

The band was influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Iron Maiden and others. But nevertheless, ODIUM have found their own style and sound.

LIVE ODIUM are very active and from show to show the fan crowd is growing stronger. Those who have experienced the four men and one woman on stage, felt the power and the boundless energy of ODIUM .

The lyrics of ODIUM deal with the human abysses which result much too often from themes like hate and death. But it also takes up human tragedies and leaves enough space to the listener to develop his own(sick) fantasy world.

In order to always deliver an internationally-sounding production, the band worked with the likes of Martin Buchwalter, Andy Classen and Marc Bugnard.
The magazine „Metal Hammer“ designated ODIUM as „one of the best bands in the German underground“.

2012 „Noiseheadrecords“ signed the Band and the CD „Beautiful Violence“ was acclaimed by the scene and was the first scent mark with a label standing behind the band.

Two years later (2014) the CD „The Science Of Dying“ was
released via NHR and received an extremely positive feedback.
2015 Vocalist Ralf suffered from a heart attack during the tour and the band had to cancel a part of the tour.
But already 4 month later they re-entered the stage. “The science of dying” ,tour was re-named into “ Back from the dead “tour… and this time they finished it !

in April 2017 The “ Back from the Dead” Tour ended and ODIUM entered the studios again. This time for a new label! “MDD/ Black Sunset Records” had signed ODIUM for the next output.
“As The World Turns Black” was released in August 2017 worldwide and for the first time also available in Spotify, Amazon and similar. The cover artwork was painted by Björn Gooßes of Killustrations. And it made it into the 100 Top album cover artworks worldwide !

2018 ODIUM celebrated their 25th anniversary with a special 2,5 hours show and a special CD called “ The early years 1993-1998 “. Many former members joined them on stage and a special guest: Gerre, vocalist of germanys alcoholic thrashers TANKARD !

Headlining shows in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands have confirmed that ODIUM enjoy a very high level of awareness.

By the end of 2019 ODIUM can look back on 300 (!!!) Live Shows!

They joined the stages with some of the scenes best bands like: PAUL DIANNO, DESTRUCTION, TESTAMENT, TANKARD, NIGHTWISH, EXODUS, OBITUARY, HOLY MOSES, RAGE, DEAD SOUL TRIBE, AXXIS and so many others we can´t mention here. Thank you all for trusting in ODIUM !

Lineup 2018:
Ralf Runkel – Vocals
Rochus Pfaff – Guitar
Dave Hübsch – Guitar
Beli Smaka – Bass
Marcel Müller – Drums

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