Band Info Superhero Metal from Grailham City
With a mixture of most different styles of metal music, the Grailknights created and manifested the style of Superhero Metal for almost over 10 years. With countless festival shows and more than 250 club shows (e.g. as touring support for the Swedish power metal band Sabaton) the Knights formed a big fanbase that is steadily growing.
A visit of a Grailknights show, called Battle, will take you beyond a usual concert night: In heroic superhero armour the 5 Knights fight, side by side with their fans – the mighty Battlechoir – against their stinking arch enemy, the evil Dr. Skull who perpetually tries to lay hand on the Holy Grail. One sip out of the precious chalice promises eternal drunkenness.
Again and again the Battlechoir shall support the Grailknights loudly. The battle cry “Grailknights Battlechoir?! – Yes, Sire!” is roaring constantly through the masses.
Musically the battle participant shall expect an explosive mixture of power and melodic death metal. Heroic choirs, singing guitar leads, driving riffs and massive drums will let everyone party and sing along. Make your childhood dream to be a superhero true and join the mighty Battlechoir!

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