Dracul Drakorgoth was the first dragon forged in the holy fires of God to protect Eden, and he was
also the first to fall to the lies of Hell’s demons. Dracul was subjugated by succubi and possessed by
demons, but after millennia of pain and war he freed his draconic heart from the chains of
imprisonment and sent it through a hellgate to earth. There, he was born again, ripping from the
pale belly of a virgin to take his revenge. Dracul Drakorgoth is now a huge centauroid beast, his
former demon-possessed body fused with the so called Debaucherynatrix Warmachine.
He is a primordial force of destruction, clad in biomechanical armour and driven by the power of
his draconic heart. Dracul can still detach from his lower body, allowing the Debauchery
Warmachine to fight on its own, driven only by the instinct to kill and inflict pain. Drakorgoth’s
power grows stronger when he devours demons and wizards, but pays a heavy price of madness
with each feast. Yet even amid the slaughter, there are times Drakorgoth finds peace, and slivers of
the honourable warrior he once was can be glimpsed. But such moments are fleeting, and his selfloathing
for what he has become and the memories of terrible deeds he has committed fills him with
brutal, all-consuming rage.
At his side stands the Debauchery Legion; a host of madness incarnate, comprising ancient and
mighty chaos dragons once possessed by succubi but who have cast off the yoke of their
enslavement, Drakespawn offspring sired in acts of barbaric cruelty, draconic killerbeasts, hordes of
human and elven slave warriors, enslaved vampire succubi, and Blood Babes.

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